Every year, ISAPP is organizing Schools addressed to European Ph. D. students and young physicists (experimentalists and theorists, astrophysicists and particle physicists). In 2011, one of them will be done in Varenna  (July 26th - August 5th) on "Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics",

The school concerns the physics of Neutrinos in its various aspects. The basic properties and the oscillation phenomena will deeply treated, together with hypotheses not yet experimentally demonstrated, as for example the non standard neutrino interactions. The role of the neutrino in cosmology and in astrophysics will be discussed, while  open problems will be addressed as the ultra high energy neutrinos in the cosmic rays. Double beta decay, the neutrino mass direct measurements and neutrinos from the Earth will be also subjects of proper lectures. Seminars will be given on the more recent results in this field.
The most crucial problems in the neutrino experiments will be also the subject of dedicated lectures: low energy neutrinos, neutrinos from reactors and accelerators, neutrino observatories under ice/water, experimental future perspectives.

Because the ISAPP Schools are attended by astrophysicists and elementary particle physicists a pre-school of two days will try to provide an alignment of the know how of the school audience.

The school students are expected to have an active participation: large time will be devoted every days to discussions between participants and lecturers, which can be prolonged during lunches and dinners attended together.

Participants are encouraged to bring posters presenting their research work; an abstract has to be sent in advance to the school secretariat. Short oral presentations by the poster authors will be scheduled after a proper selection.