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ISAPP 2007, June 4-15, 2007 Seillac, FRANCE


ISAPP07 group pictureHigh energy phenomena in the Universe are in the heart of the Astroparticle Physics. Information on these phenomena is provided by different messengers: cosmic rays, gamma rays, neutrinos, gravitational waves, which leave signals in ground or space based detectors. To understand these phenomena it is important to correlate the different observations (multi-messenger approach) and to confront them to theoretical predictions.
The purpose of the school is to group European Ph. D. students (experimentalists and theorists, astrophysicists and particle physicists) to complete their knowledge of their research topic but also to enlarge their view and interest beyond their field. During the school, this will be done through lectures but also through discussions between students or between students and teachers or senior researchers from different fields. There is a lot of experimental activity already providing us with beautiful results. Furthermore, a lot of new data is expected soon. It is therefore important that students are aware of the present activities and of the future projects in this field. Note that part of the lectures are devoted to experimental techniques : particle detection, statistical treatment of the data and data analysis.

A typical day consists of 3 hours of lectures in the morning (mostly theoretical) followed by 2 hours of lectures (mostly experimental) in the afternoon and 2 hours of discussion before dinner. A poster session is also planned for students who want to present their work. One free day in the middle of the school is devoted to an excursion in the Loire Valley and its beautiful "châteaux" (castles).

ISAPP07 is for doctorate students in the field of Astroparticle Physics.
The School will deliver to students a document certifying their attendance.
ISAPP07 poster (high quality)
Local Organizing Committee

James Bartlett (APC Paris), Isabelle Lhenry (IPN Orsay), Jacques Paul (APC Paris & Saclay),
Günter Sigl (APC Paris), Tiina Suomijärvi (IPN Orsay), Daniel Vignaud (APC Paris)

Scientific Advisory Committee
G. Bellini (Milano), L. Bergström (Stockholm), J. Blümer (Karlsruhe), S. Bonometto (Milano Bicocca),
A. Bottino (Torino), E. Coccia (LNGS), K. Eitel (Karlsruhe), G. Fiorentini (Ferrara), G.L. Fogli (Bari),
S. Hannestad (Aarhus), M. Kachelriess (Trondheim), M. Lindner (MPI Heidelberg), G. Manuzio (Genova),
A. Masiero (Padova), G. Miele (Napoli), C. Munoz (Madrid), Y. Nir (Rehovot), L. Oberauer (TU Munich),
L. Perasso (Milano), P. Picozza (Roma Tor Vergata), G. Raffelt (MPI Munich), S. Schönert (MPI Heidelberg), M. Skorokhvatov (Kurchatov), T. Suomijärvi (Orsay), J.W.F. Valle (Valencia),
D. Vignaud (Paris), L. Volkova (Moscow), C. Wetterich (Heidelberg), E. Zas (Santiago de Compostela).
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