Discussion contributions

Some of the students gave brief talks during the discussion sessions. There were also contributions from lecturers, introducing subjects beyond their lectures.

Friday 18th

Double CHOOZ experiment

Christoph Aberle & Thomas Mueller Double Chooz

Saturday 19th

GERDA experiment

Francis Froborg The calibration system for the GERDA experiment
Daniel Lenz Pulse shape analysis
Georg Meierhofer Background by neutron capture on Ge-76 in GERDA

Mass varying neutrinos

Urbano França Mass-varying neutrinos

Tuesday 22nd

Magnetic moment of neutrinos

Thomas Schwetz Constraining electromagnetic transition moments of Majorana neutrinos

Wednesday 23rd

Non-abelian symmetries and neutrino mixing

Stefano Morisi Introduction to non-abelian symmetries and neutrino physics
Eduardo Peinado Nearly tri-bimaximal mixing in the S3 flavour symmetry
Luca Merlo LFV and Lepton Dipole Moments in Models with A4 Flavour Symmetry

Results in Gallium and reactor experiments

Mario Andrés Acero νe and anti-νe disappearance in Gallium and Reactor experiments

Thursday 24th

KATRIN experiment

Florian Fraenkle The KATRIN Pre­Spectrometer: electromagnetic performance and tests

Supernova neutrinos

Ana Amélia Bergamini Features of SN signal for massive neutrinos using LVD simulated events
Sovan Chakraborty Effect of Collective Flavor Oscillations on the Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background

Friday 25th

IceCube experiment

Robert Lauer Cosmic Neutrino Point Source Search with IceCube
Matthias Danninger Indirect Solar Search for the LKP with the combined IceCube (22­string) + AMANDA detector 2007
Jan-Patrick Huelss Neutrino Events interacting within IceCube
Olle Engdegard ESOICPSP (Extremely Short Overview of IceCube and some Pictures from the South Pole)

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